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Our company is constantly looking for new opportunities to improve and expand our services. For this reason, we invite you to check for new tenders, which represent opportunities to collaborate with us and contribute to our commitment to quality and innovation in the transport sector.

  • New tender notices: You will find all the details necessary to participate, including requirements, deadlines and how to submit applications.

  • Consult past tendersFor those interested in understanding our history and previous collaborations, we provide a complete archive of past tenders. This will allow you to have a clear view of our past activities and the selection criteria used.

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Attenzione: Fermata soppressa a Salemi P.zza della Libertà

Comunichiamo ai Sig.ri passeggeri che dal 07.04.2023 e  fino a completamento dei lavori, la fermata di salita a Salemi P.zza della Libertà – in direzione Palermo Aeroporto e Palermo città – non potrà essere effettuata.
Passengers can get on at the Cappuccini bus stop and at the Salemi/Gibellina railway station.
The bus stop in P.zza della Libertà on arrival in Salemi is regular.
Autoservizi Salemi Srl.