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For over 75 years
we connect people

"In 75 years we have carried thousands of people.
It hasn’t been easy but it is a useful service for the community. Students, workers, commuters, travellers:
each of them has been carried to the right place in the right time. Our job is to connect people."
Dott. Gaspare Marino


Autoservizi Salemi was founded in 1948 thanks to the intuition of Antonino Marino, a Salemi native, who saw the need to restart after the Second World War. The company begins to operate with a single second-hand bus, which covers the Salemi – Vita – Alcamo – Partinico – Palermo route and vice versa. However, in 1949, the concession was extended to Marsala, and Autoservizi Salemi immediately bought a second bus and later a third during the same year.


In the 1950s and 1960s, the company expanded its connections to Petrosino and Mazara del Vallo, and the parking lot was constantly increased with new Gran Turismo buses. In 1955, Antonino Marino was awarded by the Chamber of Commerce of Trapani with a diploma with a medal of merit for his entrepreneurial activity.


In the early 1970s, the motorway A29 Mazara del Vallo – Palermo, together with the Trapani – Palermo branch, constituted a notable impulse for greater mobility, which led to a further growth of Autoservizi Salemi. The administrative headquarters were definitively transferred to Marsala in 1971.


After the death of the cav. Antonino Marino in 1985, the leadership of the company passed to his son Gaspare, a manager of considerable ability and foresight, who brought the company to a National dimension. Local Public Transport services increased in number and frequency of daily trips, and in 1999 Autoservizi Salemi made the first long-distance trip, covering a direct international route from Sicily to Germany.


In 2001 the first Interregional Service was born, the route Marsala – Mazara del Vallo – Sciacca – Rome , followed by new routes between Sicily and Turin, Milan, Naples, and along the Adriatic route up to the Veneto. Today, Autoservizi Salemi is a solid medium-sized company, with three business branches, a very modern bus fleet and highly professional and experienced administrative, technical and traveling staff. The management of doctor Gaspare Marino, President since 2009, has transformed the courage and intuition of his father into a structured and meticulously organized company.



Our buses are the ideal solution for school trips, guided tours and transfers. Whatever your needs, we will be able to offer you a personalized solution, from a day trip to a wedding service. We offer various bus rental solutions, including the most modern and comfortable ones, equipped with the best safety standards to guarantee a smooth, high-quality journey. Our wide range of vehicles allows us to offer extreme customization.

Company Certifications

Our company holds:
awarded on April 12, 2022 by the Italian Antitrust Authority.
Antitrust Authority and Market Regulator.
• the Organizational and Management Model
(anti-corruption) pursuant to Legislative Decree 231/2021
• ISO 9001/2015 Quality certification since 2002
• ISO 14001:2015 Environmental certification achieved in 2023

Autoservizi Salemi Srl

Towards the future

Professionalism, courtesy and organization are our success factors. An Internet-based booking system for travel agencies, tour operators and the end user, a modern bus fleet with an average age of 5 years, highly specialized and selected driver personnel, and a booking office capable of meeting all requests, allow us to be a young, modern and dynamic company. Join the team


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Attenzione: Fermata soppressa a Salemi P.zza della Libertà

Comunichiamo ai Sig.ri passeggeri che dal 07.04.2023 e  fino a completamento dei lavori, la fermata di salita a Salemi P.zza della Libertà – in direzione Palermo Aeroporto e Palermo città – non potrà essere effettuata.
Passengers can get on at the Cappuccini bus stop and at the Salemi/Gibellina railway station.
The bus stop in P.zza della Libertà on arrival in Salemi is regular.
Autoservizi Salemi Srl.