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You can point out about deficiency, disruption or delay, or any suggestions as follows:

commerciale@autoservizisalemi.it or filling out the form and send it by fax +39 0923/982465, by email commerciale@autoservizisalemi.it or deliver it in our office in via Salemi 97, 91025 Marsala (TP);

calling +39 0923/981120, from Monday to Friday at 10:00 a.m. – 01:00 p.m. / 4:00 – 7:00 p.m.

Rights of the passenger about the travel by bus

On this page, you’ll find information about all the official passenger rights, about the transport by bus. Our priority is to provide the best possible customer service. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you find a deficiency during your travel. You could contact our Customer service; we will find the best solution to your problems.

You can contact our Customer service at the telephone number: +39 0923 981120

or send an email to commerciale@autoservizisalemi.it commerciale@autoservizisalemi.it

Do you want to demand your right of refund? Fill the form and send it by post.

Autoservizi Salemi applies contractual conditions and tariffs for services which are neither directly nor indirectly discriminatory on the basis of the nationality of the passengers or the place of establishment of the carrier or ticket dealer in the Union.

We commit to providing a high standard of personalised and integrated live information at every stage of your journey, to make you aware of any delays and disruptions and provide alternative travel advice, when possible. This information includes the rights of passengers granted to them by EU Reg. 181/2011 and the necessary data to contact the national bodies in charge of enforcement. Where possible, this information shall be provided, upon request, in accessible formats, with particular attention to the needs of disabled persons and persons with reduced mobility. Those formats includes Braille language, recording. In case of cancellation or delay in departure of a regular service, the Company will inform passengers as soon as possible and in any case no later than thirty minutes after the scheduled departure time, and it will communicate the following departure time as soon as this information is available. If passengers miss a connecting service according to the timetable due to a cancellation or delay, the Company will make reasonable efforts to inform the passengers concerned about alternative connections. This information will be provided in formats accessible to disabled persons or persons with reduced mobility. Where possible, information will be communicated by electronic if passenger gave his data.

During the transport service, passengers are entitled to compensation for death, personal injury and loss or damage to luggage due to an accident arising from the use of the bus. For the conditions and amount of compensation, please refer to the applicable national legislation and art. 7 of EU Regulation 181/2011. No compensation or automatic compensation is provided. The passenger – within the framework of the above mentioned legislation and within the limits provided for therein – will only be entitled to compensation for damages that are proven.
Following an accident resulting from the use of the bus or coach, the carrier shall provide reasonable and proportionate assistance for the immediate practical needs of the passenger following the accident. Such assistance shall include, where necessary, accommodation, food, clothing, transport and the facilitation of first assistance. The assistance provided shall not constitute recognition of liability.

passengers the re-routing to the final destination under comparable conditions, as set out in the transport contract, at the earliest opportunity and at no additional cost or reimbursement of the ticket price and, where relevant, a return service free of charge to the first point of departure, as set out in the transport contract, at the earliest opportunity.
Should Autoservizi Salemi not be able to offer the passenger such a choice, the latter has the right to receive compensation equal to 50% of the ticket price.
This right to compensation and the possible reimbursement of the price of the ticket does not exclude the right of passengers to assert, before national courts and in accordance with the laws in force, any claims arising from damage suffered as a result of the cancellation or delay of the scheduled service.
If the bus becomes unusable during the journey, the carrier shall send another vehicle to the location of the unusable vehicle, in order to transport passengers to their destination or in any case to an appropriate waiting point and/or a station from which it is possible to continue the journey.

For a journey whose expected duration exceeds three hours, in case of cancellation or delay in departure from a station exceeding 90 minutes, Autoservizi Salemi offers the passenger free of charge: a) snacks, meals and drinks depending on the waiting time or delay, provided they are available on the bus or in the station ; b) accommodation as well as assistance in organizing transport between the station and the place of accommodation if a stay of one or more nights becomes necessary. For each passenger, Autoservizi Salemi may limit the cost of accommodation to € 80.00 per night and for a maximum of two nights. For these purposes special attention is paid to the needs of disabled persons and persons with reduced mobility and their companions. Autoservizi Salemi shall not be liable for accommodation costs where the cancellation or delay is due to severe adverse weather conditions or major natural disasters.

For disabled persons and persons with reduced mobility the general passenger rights apply for bus traffic as well as the following rights, so they can use the same travel opportunities as other citizens.

a) Claim of Disabled Persons and Persons with Reduced Mobility to Access Services at no Extra Charge

Carriers, travel agents or tour operators may not charge extra for bookings and tickets for persons with disabilities and persons with reduced mobility. They also are not allowed to refuse making bookings or issue tickets or remove the person from board of a vehicle due to a passenger’s disability or due to his reduced mobility. According to the applicable passenger safety regulations or the health and safety requirements of the competent authorities, exceptions are allowed only if the transport of a disabled person or a person with reduced mobility would not be possible or if it is not possible because of the design of the vehicle or the infrastructure to transport the disabled person or person with reduced mobility in a safe and operationally feasible manner. Should a carrier, travel agent or tour operator in the long-haul traffic refuse to make a reservation, issue a ticket or take a passenger on board the vehicle, due to the above reasons, then he shall notify the passenger immediately – and in writing at its request – about the reasons why. In addition, he shall notify the person concerned in the case of refusal to accept a reservation or to issue a ticket, via any acceptable alternative service operated by the carrier. Should it be possible to remedy the reasons why the passenger was declined booking or accessing the bus, for example by having a person present that can provide the required help, then the passenger has the right to demand that the accompanying person can travel free of charge.If a disabled person or a person with reduced mobility who has a ticket or a reservation and has the carrier duly informed of his special need for assistance, still is refused the transport on long distance lines, then the person may either select a refund of fare and – provided that the appropriate services are available – the onward journey. The carriers and terminal operators provide non-discriminatory access conditions for the transport of disabled persons and persons with reduced mobility. They must provide theses conditions to the public and upon request be physically available for the passenger.

b) Entitlement to Special Assistance

In long-haul transports, carriers and terminal operators within their respective areas of competence must assist disabled persons and persons with limited mobility. Disabled persons and persons with reduced mobility shall notify the carrier at least 36 hours in advance of their special need for assistance and arrive at the agreed time prior to departure (maximum 60 minutes prior) at the designated location of the bus station.

c) Entitlement for Compensation for Lost or Damaged Mobility Equipment

If, through the fault of the carrier or terminal operator, a loss of or damage to mobility equipment (a wheelchair or other assistance device) occurs, a compensation must be provided, which corresponds to the replacement value of the relevant equipment or the repair costs.
Where necessary, every effort is made to procure temporary replacement for lost or damaged mobility equipment.

The carrier shall give notice to the passenger within one month of receipt of the complaint, whether his complaint was upheld, whether it was rejected or if it is still being processed. Within three months of receipt of the complaint, he must send him a definitive answer.
These mentioned periods do not apply when it comes to issues related to compensation for death or personal injury and lost or damaged luggage due to accidents.

Each Member State shall designate a body or bodies responsible for the enforcement of the rights laid down in the regulation. The national enforcement agency is responsible for the enforcement of the regulation in relation to regular bus services from within the territory of the Member State places and in relation to regular bus services from a third country to such places. Each passenger may submit a complaint for an alleged breach of the Regulation at the relevant national enforcement body. A Member State may decide that the passenger has to first make a complaint to the carrier; in this case the national enforcement body serves as an appeal body for complaints for which no solution was found. The national body for the application of the Passenger Rights Regulation may be contacted as follows:

Autorità di Regolazione dei Trasporti
Via Nizza 230, 10126 Torino
Telephone: 011.0908500
E-mail: art@autorita-trasporti.it
PEC: pec@pec.autorita-trasporti.it

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